About Us

Founded in 2004 by Richard D. Haney and Jose J. Picazo to meet the needs of the growing mobile 3G cellular users both domestically and internationally. Our founders vision is backed by decades of distinguished accomplishments as both members of successful startups and experienced entrepreneurs with successful ventures.

Both founders have been involved in the high tech arena for greater than 25 years. Are experienced with start-ups and have held positions in engineering, marketing, sales and senior management. Mr. Picazo and Mr. Haney both have additional patents pending from those stated in below.

Richard D. Haney

Pins on mapRichard D. Haney is a cofounder, President and CEO of X One, Inc. founded in 2004. From 2000 to 2004 Mr. Haney served a President and CEO of AlterWAN, Inc. an Alternative Wide Area Network systems integration company that developed private WAN like network solution using the Internet as the backbone. This patented process solves the QOS component of the Internet and performs equal or better than a private frame relay network for customers that demand a solution for heavy and sustained traffic use. In 1993 Mr. Haney founded his first business a consulting business that grew to solve demanding systems integration requirements and led to the formation of AlterWAN, Inc. Prior to this Mr. Haney held leadership positions in; Engineering, Sales and Marketing for companies including Larse, Timeplex, Fujitsu and Lockheed. During the Early 1980’s Mr. Haney pioneered the development of mesh network topologies for Timeplex and is the inventor of switching multiplexer technology a predecessor to current day routers. Mr. Haney also developed the first PC based network manager used for managing these new complex networks. Haney holds 7 patents in the field of networking systems and mobile communications with numerous patents pending. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology and Master of Science degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

Jose J. Picazo

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Mr. Picazo is a Founder of Iconix, bringing his extensive experience in identifying a market need and then building a product and company to fill that need. He also brings a strong background in mergers and acquisitions. Previously, he served as General Manager of the Converged Communications Product Division at Intel, which he joined when Intel purchased Picazo Communications, where he was President and Founder. Mr. Picazo was a Founder of Network Resources Corporation, which was later purchased by NetWorth, where he remained until he joined Compaq upon their purchase of NetWorth. He also held numerous engineering positions at Hughes LAN Systems, Sytek and IBM. Mr. Picazo holds a BS in Industrial Technology from San Jose State University and holds 12 patents in the field of networking systems and communications.